2013 Wrapup

This is probably getting a little boring by now, but 2013 was another great year.

For starters, 2013 marked 6 years of self employment – where happy hour with co-workers means fruit juice with the parrots.


January meant ASW in Vegas, again in an awesome penthouse suite in the Palms Place…


In February, I had a great time visiting a farm animal sanctuary in Stockton and volunteering a bit. I’d keep doing it, but my lungs were very, very unhappy about the whole thing.

farm turkey

In April, I walked my cousin through her first industry conference (ad:tech San Francisco). We took time out for some fun, too – flying trapeze, Alcatraz, and a bit of wandering.


I also went back home for a bit and took some family members on a behind the scenes tour of the St. Louis Zoo…

behind the scenes zoo

In May, it occurred to me that you could actually make your own tater tots. It’s probably not worthy of inclusion on an annual update, but I saw the picture while digging through 2013 stuff and they made me hungry. These were made with a bit of Parmesan and truffle oil.

tater tots

Late June/early July included a trip to Saugatuck with my parents and sisters.


saugatuck 2

July included a second trip to Comic Con, but I think it will be the last one for a while. It’s very cool the first time, but the second time around, it’s a little less exciting.


comic con 2

In August, I stopped back through Illinois to see the Happy Together show in Effingham with my parents, my grandma, and my great aunt. As usual, I was one of the only people under 40…

happy together

In September, I received word that the International Bird Rescue had a pelican I could help release back into the wild. It turned out to be 2 pelicans + a bunch of seagulls, and it was really, really neat.

Shortly after, I flew back to see family in Illinois and we went down to the log cabin festival in Kinmundy.

log cabin

In October, I spent my birthday in Vancouver…which was beautiful, but also very cold and wet.



…followed by a great Tony Desare show in San Francisco. I would have included a photo OF the show, but the venue was kind of strict about photos. Great seats, though!


I spent a lot of time buried in some new projects in November, but I did make time to FINALLY see Wayne Newton at a nearby casino.

wayne newton

In December, my sisters and I went to NYC to see Matilda and do a bit of shopping…


…and I spent the holidays back home with family, where my aunt gifted everyone with sock monkey pajamas.


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