Well, it’s early 2016 and once again, I’m really late in writing an annual update post. It’s not like it really matters since the only people who are likely to care are good friends, family, and maybe people from my past who hate my guts and want to see if I’m having a horrible life – but I like having it here so I can remember stuff as time passes and it all begins to blur together. It’s a lot easier than scrapbooking.

As usual, you can click on any picture for a bigger version (or in some cases, links to relevant videos).

2014 started off like any other year, with Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. This year, I helped throw two parties – the usual penthouse party with cookie buffet, and another event with Above All Offers and AffPlaybook where we rented out a zoo and took everybody over in a party bus. I was licked by a camel.

In the party bus...the stripper pole got some use, but I won't embarrass anyone by including pictures.

In the party bus…the stripper pole got some use, but I won’t embarrass anyone by including pictures.

Camels are surprisingly good kissers...

Camels are surprisingly good kissers…

At this point, I'd be lynched if I showed up to a party without cookies...

At this point, I’d be lynched if I showed up to a party without cookies…

February was pretty calm, but I did finally get the chance to see Engelbert Humperdinck. At nearly 80, he still makes the little old ladies crazy. This was the first concert I’ve attended where event volunteers were asking people not to stand out of respect for those with limited mobility.

Somehow, "You Make My Pants Wanna Get Up & Dance" isn't the same these days...

Somehow, “You Make My Pants Wanna Get Up & Dance” isn’t the same these days…

I also got a Fandor subscription so I could watch interesting foreign films…I’m not sure that was a good idea.

I wonder if I'm turning into some kind of pervert.

I wonder if I’m turning into some kind of pervert.

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This is probably getting a little boring by now, but 2013 was another great year.

For starters, 2013 marked 6 years of self employment – where happy hour with co-workers means fruit juice with the parrots.


January meant ASW in Vegas, again in an awesome penthouse suite in the Palms Place…


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It’s early 2014 and I’m just now getting around to writing an update for 2012. Yes, it’s  kind of pathetic that I couldn’t find the time to write a short post – but I’ve been having fun. Hopefully I can remember everything…

Note: Some people and photos are intentionally left out for privacy purposes. If it seems like I’m using an odd photo for a particular event or trip, that’s probably why :)

January started off with a work conference and a fantastic stay in an enormous penthouse overlooking the Vegas strip…and yes, I ran and slid all over the place in socks.

asw penthouse view

asw penthouse

The penthouse was rented for a party, so I made a cookie buffet…

asw cookies


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2011 isn’t technically over yet, but it’s been a great year with a lot of fun work-related travel. For anyone who’s curious, I give you…the year in pictures.

I started the year like this…so I knew it was going to be a good one.  Forgive the mirror shot, but it was late and the photo was an afterthought.  Roller Disco NYE FTW.


I went to a clown camp hosted by the infamous Wavy Gravy.  Some people might find this odd, but the thing that really got to me was sleeping outside in a teepee.  That’s an experience I won’t hurry to repeat. I woke up several times to spiders crawling on me or the sleeping bag.


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Every couple of years, it seems like I delete everything from my site and start over.  I just have better things to do than post here all the time – but I still like to have SOME presence for when people Google me.

Anyway, for those who are curious…here’s my 2010 in pictures.

I finally took those trapeze lessons I had always been meaning to take…



I visited the graves of Thoreau and Hawthorne (and narrowly escaped falling into zombie sludge waters)…



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