Looking Back on 2012…

It’s early 2014 and I’m just now getting around to writing an update for 2012. Yes, it’s  kind of pathetic that I couldn’t find the time to write a short post – but I’ve been having fun. Hopefully I can remember everything…

Note: Some people and photos are intentionally left out for privacy purposes. If it seems like I’m using an odd photo for a particular event or trip, that’s probably why :)

January started off with a work conference and a fantastic stay in an enormous penthouse overlooking the Vegas strip…and yes, I ran and slid all over the place in socks.

asw penthouse view

asw penthouse

The penthouse was rented for a party, so I made a cookie buffet…

asw cookies


Later that month, my youngest sister and her husband had a son. My parents finally stop whining about their lack of grandchildren! Celebrate! I’m assuming he’s the one on the right in this photo since the other baby (my cousin’s daughter, born in 2011) is wearing pink. But let’s be honest – babies pretty much look the same.


Both of my little parrots turned 9 in 2012 (one in March and one in August). This is a shot of Birdinski eating celebratory sorbetto.


Fostered a couple more rounds of adorable kittens…

foster kittens

And one of them played catch…

Went back down to Monterey and Carmel…It was fun, other than leaving most of my breakfast in the Pacific Ocean while whale watching. On the plus side, I can cross “whale watching” off the to-do list.


See that? That’s a whale, I promise. This is why I work for myself and not National Geographic.

whale watching

The best part of the trip? The hotel gave guests golf carts to get around the property – which was every bit as fun as bumper cars, but without a line!

golf cart

Somewhere around that time, I helped plan a fun ad:tech gathering in a weird co-working space. Someone tried to sell everybody tractor backlinks…and yes, like all the parties I’m involved with, it was a total sausagefest. It’s not my fault.


I made more cookies…

money cookies

Summertime brought a visit from the parents, and I finally took them to Hearst Castle. Gross guys, get a room!

parents hearst castle

On the way back up, we stopped at Nepenthe in Big Sur for dinner. The view is amazing, and I would highly recommend a stop if you’re in the area.

parents big sur nepenthe

We also went to the World’s Ugliest Dog contest while the parents were in town. This guy was not the winner, if you can believe that.

parents ugliest dog

July was a really good  month, because July is when I FINALLY got to go to the San Diego Comic Con (the REAL one, for you non-geeks). AND I found Waldo!

comic con waldo

Moments like this are the reason I now need to get rid of many, many excess books…

comic con comics

August included a trip to NYC for a conference and a hotel room that’s actually worth photographing. This marked the first time I stayed in an NYC room that was larger than a closet. The hotel directory included a line about who to call if you wanted to fill your bathtub with champagne.

nyc 1

nyc 2

On the way back to California, I stopped in Illinois for a while and rescued some baby squirrels with my grandma. We ended up taking them to a very nice wildlife rehabilitator who showed us raccoons and baby possums.


In September, I headed down to LA to visit one of my oldest friends. We caught a Tony DeSare show at Vitello’s, and this prompted me to put him in the #3 spot on my list of favorite musicians to see live  (behind Kenny G and Air Supply). Seriously, this guy is very talented, especially when he does his own material.


We went to the Getty, toured the Queen Mary, and spent a lot of time driving. I was told this is normal for LA.


October brought a birthday trip to Hawaii, and I was able to cross a few more things off the to-do list: See wild chickens, ride in a submarine, go snorkeling, go to Hawaii, and encounter a sea turtle in the ocean.

hawaii sub


I also managed to catch Psycho in an old movie theater, which was very cool. It’s just not the same watching scary old movies at home or in a modern movie theater.


November was pretty calm aside from a holiday trip back home. I made my first turkey cake, which worked out reasonably well for a first attempt…


December wrapped up with a wonderful Air Supply concert (the second one I saw in 2012).

air supply concert

The seats were close enough that a pick nearly  landed on me when they tossed it. I almost didn’t even notice it.

air supply pick


In all, 2012 was another really great year. Since I’ve already lived 2013 and part of 2014, I can say definitively that it only gets better from there…but who knows when I’ll actually get around to writing those posts.

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