In the last 5 years, most of my writing and editing has been for corporate websites. I have experience writing nearly every kind of content imaginable, though, and the samples below showcase a variety of styles.




Cuckoo for Coco (PDF) – This is an old piece, mostly included to demonstrate  a non-fiction feature style of writing.

Dairy Addict (PDF) – People who signed up for an email list received this downloadable guide.

There’s More Than One Way to Earn 5-Figures Monthly – I wrote this guest post for the Aff Playbook Blog.

Russian Dating Offer Tips (PDF) – One of my long-time clients is a Russian dating company. This guide was compiled to help their affiliates better understand the market and acceptable ways to promote the company.

Niche Roadmap (PDF) – This guide was assembled to help people identify niches they might like to target with products or affiliate websites.

8 Ways to Get Experience for that Job Listing – I wrote this post for Dumb Little Man back in 2008 when I was working at Vat19.com.

What’s My Motivation? Making Your Goals Their Goals – Unfortunately, this post I wrote for Restaurant Report is now behind a paywall.

Alien Conspiracy Checks Into Heartbreak Hotel – For laughs, scans of the admissions essay that helped me get into University of Chicago. Give me a break, I was 16.  Image 1, Image 2




Clara – Excerpt 1 – This is the opening from an in-progress novel.

Clara – Excerpt 2 – Another section from the same work in progress




Because these were client projects, it’s possible the companies may have edited the content slightly since I worked on it. This is relatively normal since most corporate projects go through a lot of different people who want to change things for a variety of reasons. Even if it’s approved once, someone new can come in later and make changes or updates.

Baja Fresh Franchise

Red Brick Pizza Franchise

Steak N Shake Franchise


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